Is it a good idea for your company to consider a cloud based data backup system? The answer to that question depends on the sensitivity of the information that you are storing and the ability to move that data to different machines in a hurry.

What Type of Cloud Server Do You Want?

There are many different types of cloud servers that you can choose from. There is a public cloud, a private cloud and a hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud works best for companies that want to move their data to servers that are not based on the cloud from servers that are based on the cloud.

How Easy Is it to Access Your Data

It is critical that your data stays encrypted while in the server without being too difficult to access when you need it. If the encryption is too secure, you may not be able to get a copy of your second quarter report or order information for a customer who isn’t sure if he or she listed the right credit card number on a previous order. Ideally, you want your security system to encrypt data while on or being passed through the server and unencrypted when displayed on a computer screen.

Is the Overall System Easy to Use?

You want to be able to use your server without having to call the IT team whenever you need to get something off of it. An intuitive system that is user friendly allows you to add, transfer or backup certain information without having to be a technical expert to do so. For those who really want convenience, it may be a good idea to let your server back itself up every so often to ensure that data is secure and available whenever you need it.

Will it Save Your Company Money?

Will your company save any money by using a cloud based solution? Before installing a cloud based data security system, ensure first that you have enough critical data that needs to be saved in a secure fashion. While it is a good deal for most companies, you need to find the right server at the right price to justify using it.

Using the cloud is a great way to secure important data for the short-term and for the long-term. Before choosing a server, make sure that it allows for easy transfer of data between servers and is easy to use. Above all else, make sure that the price point makes sense for the amount of data that needs to be stored.

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