Cloud computing has become a popular tool for individuals and businesses alike. Although the technology has come a long way, it is still evolving and continuing to add value for its users. What is in store for this innovative and game changing technology in 2014?

Business Becomes More Social

The cloud will allow workers to interact with each other in ways that they haven’t been able to in the past. Instead of having meetings in the office, they will have meetings in the cloud.

Talking to a colleague will involve nothing more than sending an instant message, having a group video chat or uploading files to a secure server. Another benefit is that everyone in the office will have access to any documents placed in the cloud.

This means that the marketing team could write ad copy, the department manager could make changes to that copy and then the legal department could make further changes to ensure that a given document is ready for public consumption.

The Cloud Starts to Offer Predictions

A good businessperson is going to use big data to gain insights about how their business is doing in real-time. However, businesses are going to see a cloud that offers more than just real-time stats in 2014. Instead, businesses are going to see a more predictive cloud that offers insights into consumer trends before they happen. This is going to help companies make more money and better serve their customers.

Security Becomes a Bigger Deal

While a cloud server offers a lot of great benefits, security within such a server hasn’t always been the greatest. As companies start to use it more and more, security has become more of a priority. In 2014, steps are going to be taken to ensure that a cloud server is going to be just as secure as a physical server. Additionally, a large emphasis is going to be put on data security to make customers feel better about making credit card transactions and giving other personal information to retailers.

Create One Adaptive Platform

A smaller number of people use desktop or laptop computers in the 21st century. Today, most people prefer to use a tablet or smartphone to access the Internet. Therefore, having a cloud server makes it easier to offer a responsive platform to make things easy on customers who want to access your site from their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Cloud servers are going to be critical for any business that wants to grow and thrive in the future. These servers offer businesses the chance to offer data security for customers, a collaborative experience for workers and the chance for business leaders to get more data about what is going on around them.


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