One of worst things that could happen to your company is to find out that an employee, customer or vendor was the victim of identity theft. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to reduce or eliminate the chance that identity theft occurs. What are some of these steps that you should consider?

Don’t Let Workers Use Personal Devices

Just because your corporate network is secure doesn’t mean that an employee will use a device for work purposes outside of your network. That provides hackers with an opportunity to steal personal information from that particular worker as well as anyone else mentioned in an email or other correspondence. You should also consider that intellectual property and other information could be stolen as well when a worker uses a personal device.

Restrict Access to Information On Your Network

Restricting access either to the network itself or information on the network limits what anyone might see. You may also want to consider segmenting your servers so that information gets stored in several different locations. Virtual servers may make it possible to keep information off of a computer or physical server, which may make sensitive information even harder to find or get to if it’s location is known. A network monitoring service would have the added benefit of desktop performance as well as security monitoring.

Encryption Should Be Considered Mandatory

The use of encryption should be a mandatory part of your company’s information security system. If a hacker tries to get into your server without authorization, all he or she will see is a bunch of random symbols and letters. In addition to encryption, you may want to consider having your network shut off if unauthorized users try to get on it or into it.

You never want to wake up and hear that a customer or employee has had his or her life ruined because of an identity thief. Even if the problem is discovered and stopped, it could still take years and lots of money to overcome any damage done. Therefore, it is easier to make sure that the problem doesn’t happen in the first place.

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