No matter how large or small your company is, it is critical that you have a network monitoring system in place. If you do run a small business, you need to make sure that your customer information, product information and other intellectual property does not fall into the wrong hands. If it does, it could mean the beginning of serious legal issues and the end of your company.

Keep Track of Everyone on Your Network

Smaller companies may have fewer employees, which means that everyone may have to play more than one role. This means that everyone may have access to all of or a large part of your company’s network. With network monitoring, you can make sure that your people are using the network to do their jobs and nothing else. If you see any unusual activity or see someone trying to access a portion of the network that they are not authorized to see, you can suspend access immediately.

Learn More About Vulnerabilities in Your Network

If you have a network monitoring service, you may be able to learn more about the vulnerabilities in your own network. You could schedule a planned attack on the network or run other tests to determine where the network may need upgrades to keep data safe. If you are attacked from the outside, your network monitoring service can help you learn why it happened and take steps to avoid it in the future. While you never want to be attacked or exploited, you can feel better knowing that the odds of it happening again are slim to none.

Run Your Company in a More Efficient Manner

Network monitoring can help you determine is one or more parts of your system are running slower than they should. If a server is running slow, it could mean that orders take longer to process or sites take longer to load. This could turn people off to your website or discourage them from making a purchase from your online store. If a computer or server is running slow, it could also be a sign that you need more bandwidth or that someone is trying to attack your system.

Small companies are always walking a fine line between being a thriving business and going out of business. While you may not like the idea of paying for network monitoring services or other IT services, your business will save more in the long run. This is because you don’t have to worry about losing your IP or face a lawsuit from a customer who had his or her identity stolen after an attack on your system.

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