Chances are, you didn’t launch your business just so you could run your own computer networks and become a technology Guru.

That’s why outsourced technology services have exploded over in recent years. Companies that are not very large find it hard to finance their own in-house IT and keep ahead of the technology trends. Have you considered the right IT company for your business?

Here are a few benefits when it comes to outsourcing IT:

  1. MONEY: At first glance, outsourcing would appear to add a monthly expense to the cost of operating a company. Outsourcing eliminates both the huge one-time up front cost acquiring new technology as well associated costs with maintaining and upgrading your company’s technology as it evolves. Eliminate the need to provide new and updated training to your IT staff. Once you have selected your technology, the clock is ticking against you. Technology ages at an astronomical rate depreciating in value. Technology must be replaced every 5 to 10 years to be considered current.  Why buy the whole pie, if you only need a slice? With SJC Technology, you don’t have to pay for technology capacity that’s actually in excess of your needs (a common problem for small and midsize companies that run their own systems). You only pay for what you need when you outsource technology.

You also shift not only your technology employee costs to your service provider, but you also eliminate the HR costs associated with recruiting, supporting, benefits,  and training technology employees.

Your technology services provider can use scale to provide you with more and better technology than your company could provide itself, the typical result is better results and lower unit costs. Plus, you no longer need to invest in and maintain technology support facilities like data rooms/centers, additional power and air conditioning capabilities and other associated expenses.

  1. Better Expertise and Service Quality: As noted, you probably didn’t get into your current business just so you could run your own computer networks and become a technology Guru. So why not hire those who are, instead? Trained, experienced, qualified, and certified tech professionals can do more in a few hours that benefits your company than most business owners can do in two days when it comes to technology. That benefit alone is a savings for your company, not to mention smoother running technology – known in the industry as “up-time” – that allows you and your other employees to be productive during the work day.

Outsourcing your company’s technology operations and management also relieves you of the burden of trying to hire good tech experts when you aren’t really qualified to know the difference between those who claim qualifications and certifications and those who can really do the job with excellence.

And top-notch technology partner will be able to see tech trends and advancements coming long before you can, and keeping you focused on your expertise and business. Just as important, they’ll be able to keep you from chasing expensive technological products that may not benefit your company as you’d hoped.

  1. Balancing Risk: Every business faces risk – in multiple forms. Competition. Government regulations. Market volatility. Financial and economic conditions. Changing technology. Not only can technology operations and management service providers help minimize some of  your technology risk. As a function, they also take on much of the risk management in those other areas.  That’s especially true in the areas of compliance with government regulations, industry standards, maintaining corporate, and customers’ data security.
  2. Laser Focus:  Small Businesses have limited resources such as time, money, personnel, personal energy, just to name a few. By outsourcing the burden of technology operations and management to a services provider, your team will be able to focus more intently on the key things that are necessary for your business to be successful. Business owners focus on growing the business, while the service provider worries about your technology up-time, productivity, compliance, backup, security, and supporting your infrastructure’s growth.
  3. Strength to Compete: Shifting the financial and managerial burden of technology operations and management to a service provider puts small and midsize companies on level footing in competition with huge corporations that have the money and scale to provide cutting-edge technology for themselves. Sadly, too many companies are not quite measuring up when it comes to making the digital transformation needed to be competitive. Often, it’s a resource problem. Eliminating the lack of technology and having tech support on your side you, will make you a strong competitor. Unlike larger operations, your company can have advantages of being smaller, less bureaucratic, more nimble, and closer to the customer, add enterprise technology to you attributes and you are unstoppable!

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