Network installation services are a critical aspect of getting any network-linked business off the ground. Without solid network considerations it is impossible to be sure of your security or the functionality of your network. Network maintenance can keep your network functioning and repair emergent problems, but installation is when you want to make sure you aren’t building any problems into the system in the first place. Network installation has to prioritize three things above all: security, accessibility and reliability.

Security will almost always be the foremost concern. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Any business that requires a network will require network security. There are several ways to guarantee network security from the point of installation. Any reliable firm will follow through with them. The first point of network security is to use modern network encryption. Many business networks not established by professionals still use easy-to-crack encryption types for their wireless networks. Following encryption is the importance of a solid firewall. Firewalls can dynamically detect and filter attacks from the internet. The new standard in firewall technology is a hardware box to handle processor-intensive filtering tasks accompanied by a software-as-a-service subscription for antivirus and internal filtering tasks. Having your firewall properly configured is a must.

Accessibility is a matter of making sure that everyone who needs to access your network can do so to the necessary degree. This goes beyond simply making sure everyone has the wi-fi password. It also includes making sure bandwidth is appropriately allocated to different departments and that necessary sharing protocols are enabled where they are required on the network. This immediately follows the configuration of security. Once you are poised to keep intruders out it becomes necessary to make sure that your associates can get in. The last thing a network needs to do in a business context is inhibit the proceedings of business.

The last central concern is reliability. A professionally-installed network will still require maintenance by a trained professional. There are still many steps that can be taken at the time of installation that can help to guarantee future stability. Reliability comes down to the details: making sure hardware is properly installed, making sure all hardware is adequately powered, making sure employees and managers are aware of things that can cause interference with the hardware, establishing software-based failsafes for workstations, and making sure everyone has at least basic training with network usage.

Professional network techs will take pride in satisfying these three elements. They will make sure your network is secure, accessible and reliable. This is more than a matter of convenience and prevention. Network interruptions and accessibility issues can cost a department dozens of work-hours of productivity. A security breach can compromise the data of your business or your clientele. None of these are elements to take a chance on. By entrusting your installation to a professional team you can greatly reduce your risk.

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