The Importance of Network Security

In recent weeks, hackers have been able to gain access to American taxpayer information because of a security breach at the IRS. In a story that has gotten even more coverage, the infidelity website Ashley Madison was also hacked and user information released to the public. How can network security monitoring make sure that your customers and employees are protected against information thieves?

Always Keep Track of Who Has Access to Your Network

If you don’t know who has access to your network, you won’t know if you are being hacked let alone who is hacking you. While mistakes do happen in any area of life, the consequences for those who have their privacy violated could be severe. An identity thief could open a credit card in a customer’s name or buy a house in the name of an employee. A breach of privacy could ruin personal and professional relationships of those involved. It could also tarnish your reputation in the business world as well as the reputation of your brand.

Restrict Access to Those Who Don’t Need It

In the event that your company has sensitive information on its servers, it wouldn’t be smart to let everyone have access to it. Although all employees may need to access files or other information to do their job, it may be a good idea to restrict what certain employees may be able to view and where they can view it from. For instance, those who have clearance may be able to access the network, but they may not be able to do so from a personal device or from home or any public location.

Encrypt Information to Make it Harder to Use

Information should be encrypted for additional safety and security whenever it is transmitted across an online network. Doing so makes it harder for those without access to a certain file or document to read it even if they do manage to get a copy of it. It also prevents information from being stolen while it is being transferred from one computer to another. For instance, encrypting a customer’s credit card information means that it won’t be stolen while a purchase is taking place.

Making use of network monitoring services should be mandatory for any company that keeps sensitive company, employee or customer records on file. Leaving a network unguarded is like leaving a home unlocked at night or when no one is home. Although someone could still try to break in, you can rest easier knowing that someone else is watching and ready to take action if that happens.

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