What would your company do if its servers were to crash? If you don’t have a backup plan, you could lose weeks, months or years worth of company data. Fortunately, there are professionals available who can backup your servers and provide you with everything that you need in the event that your servers were to crash.

What’s The Worst That Could Happen If My Servers Go Down?

Servers are fragile. A bad storm or one errant keystroke could wipe all of your data in an instant. When that happens, you could lose your customer information, patent applications and other critical documents that your company needs to keep going. If you do a lot of work online, your customers may not be able to access your website until your servers are online again.

How Does Data Backup And Recovery Work?

Data backup involves making copies of your servers every few seconds. In the event that your server crashes or becomes unavailable, a backup copy of your information can be accessed by whoever needs it. In addition to making backup copies of your data available, any new data processed by your servers will be saved to one of your standby remote servers.

The Cloud Becomes Your Friend

If you are still using physical servers, it may be in your best interest to use a cloud server instead. Cloud servers are virtual servers that cannot be destroyed by a bad storm, a flood or any other type of physical damage that occurs at work. Cloud servers are also useful because you can make as many copies of them as you want without taking up a lot of memory. Companies that use a cloud server can access their information from anywhere in the world where there is an available Internet connection.

You Can Never Predict When Your Servers Are Going To Go Down

The best servers have uptimes of 99.9 percent. This means that your servers are going to be available 99.9 percent of the time under normal conditions. Therefore, even the best servers are going to be down at least .1 percent of the time that they are in use. Despite that low percentage, customers could become outraged and say bad things about your company if they can’t buy a pair of shoes or refill a prescription because your server is down.

Data recovery is an essential service that no company should be without. If your servers go down, you can rest assured that you have a copy of your data ready to go in an instant. This allows your company to function properly and efficiently no matter what happens.

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