Cloud computing is used in businesses worldwide to store personal and company data. The industry has grown rapidly to a business of more than $45 billion in 2014. The anticipated growth for 2015 is more than 28 percent.

Cloud computing has found a new niche, in education. In a recent survey, 95 percent of all the schools that were contacted stated that cloud computing allows them to provide more and better services for faculty and students. More students than ever before are using mobile devices that allow them to complete assignments and projects online. Assignments, especially in elementary and middle school settings aren’t misplaced.

Another advantage of utilizing the cloud for student assignments is that teachers can spot potential problems that students may be having more readily so teachers can help them work on areas where they need additional help. School administrators can use digital classrooms to assess the methods being used to teach children to determine how effective they are. Administrators can assess coursework to find out if changes should be made that will benefit students.

Since student information is stored in the cloud, parents and teachers can have more interaction and work on potential problem areas together. The system allows more effective communication between parents and teachers than when parents had periodic conferences with teachers two or three times during the school year.

Privacy regarding personal student information is a concern of some parents. A recent study at Fordham University suggested that school administrators should be transparent when it comes to managing student information. An initiative between ACT and a parent’s advocacy groups wants to see strict standards put in place to ensure the privacy of personal student information.

ACT and the parents group want to ensure school administrators adopt a strict policy regarding student privacy. Companies that provide online services for schools ensure that school administrators understand their procedures for preventing security breaches and keeping student information private.

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