If you are a small business owner, you could be missing out on a major opportunity to save money and get more done by using a cloud server. The best part is that your IT team or an outsourced IT professional can maintain and run this server for you. What are some other reasons to use a cloud server for your business?

1) Access the Server From Wherever You Are

Do you need to access the third quarter sales numbers a 2 a.m. from your hotel room to prepare yourself for a conference call later that day? Do you need to access employee payroll records from the airplane because an employee claims that he or she was not paid for all hours worked during the last pay period? If so, a cloud server may be the best option for your company because you can access company information from wherever you are whenever you need it.

2) Scale the Server as Your Company Grows

You want your company to grow as fast as possible, and you don’t want your lack of storage space to stall that growth. With a cloud server, you can scale your server and provide a flawless online experience for customers while being able to retain company records and other information secure at all times.

3) Create a Backup of Data in Real-Time

Are you worried that your data is going to be corrupted or not accessible if the server is hacked or crashes? The good news is that your server’s data will be backed up and cached in real-time. When your server goes down, the latest cached version will be shown to site visitors or anyone else who needs to access the network. This is perfect because your customers won’t even know that there is an issue when trying to process an order or look at available products for sale online.

4) Keep Unauthorized Users Off of Your Network

Do you suspect that someone is trying to steal information from your network or is trying to look at information that is restricted to certain people? If you have that problem, it can be fixed by assigning passwords and security levels to everyone in the company. This makes it impossible for anyone without a password or the proper security levels to access sensitive or confidential information about the company, its employees or its customers.

A small business needs to take advantage of anything that will help it compete as it grows and matures. Therefore, looking into a cloud server may be worthwhile for any business that is looking for the flexibility that it needs to grow in the future without having to spend money on storage space that it may not need right now.

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