The security of your company’s network could have a direct correlation with the success of your business. If you experience a data breach, it could result in a breach of trust with your customers, vendors, and employees. Therefore, it is important that you make corporate network security a top priority.

Don’t Let Employees Bring Their Own Devices

The reason you tell your kids to wash their hands after touching certain objects is because you don’t know where it has been. This is the same reason you don’t let your employees bring their own devices to work. While your own network may be secure, an employee’s home network may not be. It is also possible an employee used a public WiFi connection that can easily be exploited and compromise the device. From there, it can be hacked and traced wherever it goes, which means someone could be spying on your company without your knowledge.

Hire a Dedicated IT Team

Just like you wouldn’t try to repair your home’s roof if it were leaking or in need of replacement, you shouldn’t try to handle IT matters on your own. Even if you have some IT experience, it is easier to allow a dedicated team to develop your network and secure it for you. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while ensuring that network security gets the full attention it deserves. If you have a tight budget, remote IT services may offer your company what it needs at a lower price point.

Give Everyone Their Own Passwords and Clearance Levels

Employees should be given their own username and password to access your company network. This allows you to monitor what they have been looking at and pinpoint who may be the source of any security concerns should they arise. By restricting access to certain information, you limit the damage any one person could do if there were a data breach or any other attempt to pilfer sensitive company information.

Network security needs to be of paramount concern for all businesses whether they are large or small. All it takes it one security failure to cause millions of dollars in damages in addition to bad publicity for your brand. Therefore, now is the time to develop a security plan, have employees buy into it and follow it to the letter today and for as long as you run your company. Contact SJC Tech for all your network security needs.

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