Technology has come a long way, and sometimes it seems like you need a computer technology degree to run a business these days, However, there are many other options a business owner can choose to make sure their business is running smoothly and efficiently using the latest technology available.

When you run a business, you don’t need to be an expert on every aspect of your business. You just need to know how to hire people who are experts in what you want them to do. If your business is utilizing a complex computer network, then you should hire an expert that can provide you active network monitoring.

Active Network Monitoring Improves Reliability

active network monitoring wouldn’t buy a car and not have it serviced. So I am assuming you understand that a computer network will need servicing as well. Active network monitoring is a component of your computer networks servicing. It monitors your network to see what problems are going to happen and allows them to be fixed before you actually have a problem. Imagine if your car had that type of service plan.

Active network monitoring can see if a component of your network is giving errors, or running improperly, and sometimes can make fixes remotely. If those fixes don’t work, it can back up that system and flag it for replacement before there is a problem that will really cost you.

Active Network Monitoring Improves productivity

Have you ever gone to do something on your computer and just couldn’t believe how slow everything was running? Now think about how much time your staff might be spending waiting for programs to open, pages to load, etc. Active network monitoring can find what is causing the network to be slow and, in many cases, fix it remotely. Even if the problem can’t be fixed remotely, the problem will be found and a solution will be presented that will get your staff moving faster, and being more productive. Pay your staff to work, not to tittle their thumbs while they wait for the network

Active Network Monitoring Makes Your Network More Secure

43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. This is a dramatic increase over the past few years, and it will probably continue to go up. There are many types of cyber attacks. Some cyber attacks hack into your network to try to steal information, credit card records, customer lists, etc. Some cyber attacks break into your network to try to use your network to power other nefarious activities. Some cyber attacks simps want to crash your network.

No matter what type of cyber attack your may face (and chances are, you will face one), active network monitoring can see the attack as soon as it starts, and make adjustments to make sure your network is not compromised.

Active Network Monitoring Will Save You Money

Whether it is by reducing downtime, improving productivity, or stoping cyber attacks, active network monitoring will save you money.

If you have a business in Southwest Florida that relies utilizes a computer network, the SJC active network monitoring can keep your network running optimally. Give us a call today and let us tell you how we can make your business run more smoothly.

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