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Fort Myers Computer Repair Services by SJC

Technology is taking over every aspect of how we conduct business. Unlike several years ago, where piles of paperwork and manual processes dominated your day, nowadays computer systems have completely revolutionized the way we do business. With these computers being an integral part your business, the last thing you want to deal with is a malfunctioning PC. Keeping your employees productive is directly related to your profit margins. Being on of the most experienced and trusted Fort Myers computer repair and IT companies in Southwest FL. SJC Technology understands the importance of your computers functioning as expected, and are here to give you timely servicing and computer repairs whenever needed. We provide repairs for all types of workstations, PCs, printers, and other peripherals.

SJC Fort Myers Computer Repair Services:

Diagnostic Services

You might not be able to understand what is happening with your computer, but just know that something is not performing as well as it used to. Whenever you feel your computer is not delivering as you expect, SJC’s Fort Myers Computer Repair Services can help troubleshoot the issue and fix it for you.

SJC offers Fort Myers computer repair services at a friendly and affordable price. Instead of paying per service, you can opt for monthly packages and keep renewing. Worry no more about repair details or pricing. Just reach out to SJC and let them take care of your repairs and any other needs for your computer that you may want to be addressed.

Fort Myers Laptop Repair Services
Fort Myers Computer Repair Services PC Repair

Part Replacements & Upgrades:

Sometimes your system is still working but could have some components that could be upgraded it increase performance. Here are some of the more common computer components we upgrade for our clients:

  • RAM – Upgrading or adding more memory to your computer can significantly increase performance.
  • Hard Drives – Replacing that old HDD with a new Solid State Drive is garunteed to make your system retrieve and process data faster
  • Graphic Card – A more robust graphics card can come in handy if you notice any visual changes in your PCs
  • Monitors – Add a wide screen monitor or a second monitor give you more room to work more efficiently

PC Fan Repair

The fan in your computer plays an important role of ensuring your computer does not overheat. When it starts to make more noise than usual or suddenly make some strange sounds, it is a good indication that it on it’s on the verge of a breakdown. An improperly functioning fan can permanently damage to your computer hardware, CPU and all the other parts it dissipates heat.

Motherboard Repair

The motherboard holds all co-components together allowing efficient coordination and operation of your computer. There are several indications of a malfunctioning motherboard. Among them are:

  • producing a burning smell
  • booting slowly or unexpected reboots
  • The infamous blue screen.

In most cases, SJC Technology is able to address all these computer repair issues and return your system to normal functioning within no time.

Computer Virus Removal

A computer infected with a virus can make you system come to an halt. Then you end up wasting a lot of your time troubleshooting, in addition to risking all the data you have stored. A virus in your computer can hide files, change how you access them, or even delete them among other troubles. Maware can end up bogging down your systems with unwelcomed advertisements , slow your internet, and display numerous scary error messages. SJC Technology has a proven track record of accomplishment of cleaning your computer and preventing any future virus infections.

These are just a few of the more popular items we see help. If you have any other questions regarding the scope of our computer repair services for businesses in Fort Myers to Naples, Florida, please contact SJC Technology to speak to one of our IT experts.