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Your SWFL Business needs Network Monitoring

Things used to be so much easier, right? You had a cash register, a calculator, and a typewriter to do business. What else did you need. Then came the computer. In all honesty, computers have made things easier, and they do so much more then we used to be able to do without them. That doesn’t stop them from being a bit of a pain though. Especially when you have a good sized computer network at your business to deal with. That is why smart business owners contract Network Monitoring to qualified vendors. Here are some other reasons you should consider calling SJC Technology to actively monitor your network.

Troubleshoot issues more easily

Outsourcing your network monitoring gives your SWFL business 24/7 access to highly trained IT professionals who monitor your network, detect problems and fix them. In many cases, this is done before you even know there is a problem. Network monitoring allows these professionals to see every device on your network, and the connections between them. They can monitor availability, packet loss, response time, traffic, error rates and more. This allows them to detect problems in your system before the cause an interruption.

Your SWFL Business needs Network MonitoringImprove network security

The average cost of a data breach, according to IBM’s 2016 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study, is around $4 million. Recent reports state that over 50% of US businesses have suffered some sort of intrusion attempt in the past year. You may think your business is not a target for hackers, but many hackers target small businesses under the premise that they are likely not equipped to handle a security breach. Professional network monitoring don’t just keep an eye out for hardware and software issues, it also monitors the source and nature of all traffic to your network. By monitoring this traffic, it becomes easy to spot suspicious changes to inbound and outbound traffic and allows you to quickly nullify malicious activity. In addition, network monitoring allows you to see and patch the holes in your networks security to prevent future intrusion attempts.

Improve the bottom line

Let’s face it, network downtime affects your bottom line. Not only does it affect your companies reputation in the marketplace, and client satisfaction, but it also affects the productivity levels of your staff. If your network is working at optimal performance levels, your staff can get more done in less time. This saves you money as well as increasing customer satisfaction which earns you money.

Let’s face it, outsourcing your network monitoring will have a positive impact on your financial situation.

Plan for future growth 

It isn’t always easy for us to predict when and how our business will grow, although we do know it will grow. Proper network monitoring allows you to see the increase loads on certain systems as well as increased traffic. This allows you to better judge the growth needs of your business, and allows you to implement the needed changes to ensure that you can properly cope with that growth.

In simple terms, Hiring professional Network Monitoring from SJC Technology is about making sure your business is able to run smoothly, and grow even more smoothly. Give SJC Technology a call today and we can talk about your needs and come up with a plan that fits those needs and your budget.

Fort Myers Tech Company

I think we are all tired of hearing about clouds. Especially those big ones that spin around in a circle and have an eye. But unfortunately, hurricanes are a part of life in southwest Florida, and events like Hurricane Irma are a strong reminder of why you need to move your business data to the cloud.

Now I say “strong reminder” because the hurricane itself isn’t the threat to your business data. If that was the case, then we wouldn’t be overly worried. I mean hurricane Irma was bad, but that was the first bad hit we have had since Charley 10 years ago. If we only had to worry about a bad storm every decade or so, then maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal. But then again, we did get 18 inches of rain and major flooding just a few weeks before Hurricane Irma, and that wasn’t even a tropical storm. That was just a bad summer storm.

The truth of the matter is that your computer systems have a few major weaknesses.

southwest Florida business data should be in the cloudElectricity

Your office computers run on electricity. When the power goes out, your machines turn off. And if the power is off for weeks, it becomes difficult to do your job. But it isn’t just power outages you need to worry about. Your computers circuit boards are made up of thousands of small leads that can easily break if too much power goes through them. Power surges from lightning can destroy your machines and cause major problems with your operations.

I’m sure you are well aware that it doesn’t take a hurricane to cause power outages, or to bring lightning. Thunderstorms can be a daily occurrence during some parts of the year, and power outages are all to common in southwest Florida.

Moving your data to the cloud allows you to make sure your data is available to you at all times. Whether the power is on at your office or not. Data in the cloud is backed up, and always available.


Nothing electrical likes water. Yet in southwest Florida, we have water all around us. And whether it is a hurricane, or just a strong storm, flooding can happen anytime. If your office computers suffer water damage, you can loose everything. Just a little bit of water can wreck a computer, so imagine what the type of flooding we have seen in the past couple months can do. Moving your data to the cloud is a great way to protect your sensitive information from the elements, and will allow you to continue to access your data even if your office looks more like a swimming pool.


Computers generate a lot of heat, but they don’t like heat that much. And in southwest Florida, we have a lot of heat… heat, and humidity (moisture). That is a combination computers really don’t like. Even if you have a back up generator to keep your office computers running during power outages, if your air conditioner isn’t running as well, you will likely have overheating problems. Even if there is no storm or power outage, if your air conditioner goes out, your computers will have problems. Like many people in southwest Florida, computers are not very reliable when the AC doesn’t work.

Your Business Data Needs To Be In The Cloud

The bottom line is your data is too valuable to leave to the southwest Florida weather. Moving your data to the cloud not only safe guards it from heat, rain and lightning, it also gives you access to the data from anywhere and any device. Even if you evacuate for the storm, you can still access your data from the cloud. That let’s you continue to do business in any circumstances. Contact SJC Technology today and we can help you move your business data to the cloud.

Why Your Southwest Florida business should move to the cloud

The Cloud seems to be a business buzz word these days, but many small businesses are not really sure what the cloud is, or how it can help them. Here, we will provide a quick explanation of some of the  most impressive features of the cloud, and we will show you why your Southwest Florida Business should move to the cloud.

But first, what is the cloud? PCMag explains the cloud like this: “In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.”

Why Your Southwest Florida business should move to the cloudDoing Business From The Cloud Gives Your Real Time Access

What this means is that everyone at your business that you give access to will have a real time, update version of everything. If you are on a job site, and want to make changes to a document from your phone, everyone else in your office will immediately see those changes. You may have an after hours dinner meeting with a client, and make some changes to their account from your tablet, and your office staff will see those changes as soon as they look at the files, even if you haven’t been to the office yet.

Your Southwest Florida business should move to the cloud because you, and all of your staff, will always have all of the latest information at their fingertips wherever they are.

Doing Business In The Cloud Makes Collaboration Work Better

Inspiration doesn’t always work 9-5. If you are collaborating with a team on a project, sometimes your best ideas may come after hours. The problem with this is that other members of the team may also be inspired after hours. In a traditional workflow, everyone would have to wait until the next morning meeting to see what inspiration brought forth the night before. However, with cloud computing, your entire team can see changes to the plan as those changes happen. This makes all of your planning faster and more efficient, and as we all know, faster and more efficient means more productive, and more profitable.

Doing Business In The Cloud Protects Your Business

One of the most important reasons why your Southwest Florida business should move to the cloud is the security that the cloud offers. If you have everything for your business on a local hard rive in your office, you are putting your whole business at risk. Hard drives can crash. Even worse, the Southwest Florida weather can destroy your office computer at a moments notice. Everything from a lighting strike, to a hurricane, to some heavy rains like we had last weekend, puts your office computers, and everything on them, at risk. Moving your business to the cloud puts all of your data in a secure location away from threats of mother nature.

Your Southwest Florida Business Should Move To The Cloud

SJC Technology is a local Southwest Florida company that provides managed IT solutions, cloud computing, VOIP, Network Monitoring, Backups and disaster recovery. We can help your business transition to the cloud and make sure you are ready for whatever Southwest Florida can throw at your business. Our systems will make your business more secure, more productive, and more profitable. Just give us a call and we will help you figure out the best solution for your business.

work computers fail

Over the past few decades, computers have changed the world. There is not an industry operating today that has not felt the impact of the advances of technology. But what do you do when your computers fail?

Why do work computers fail?

This seems like a simple question. However, there is no simple answer. I have seen computers fail for many different reasons. Sometimes it is simple, and fixable. Once, someone brought me their laptop. They told me it died, and they wanted to know if I could get the information off of the hard drive. I told them I would take a look. As it turned out, their computer failed because their charger died. I ordered a new charger, and their computer worked fine. I owned a laptop that failed when the solder that send connects the wire to send the signal to the monitor broke. It was a simple fix.

Protect Your Computer

It is vitally important that you protect your computer and all the information on it  to prevent identity theft. By hacking into your computer’s stored information, a thief can gain access to your banking account numbers and passwords in order to steal money. In addition, some hackers are trying to find information about your credit cards to use the numbers to order merchandise. Here are a few tips to protect the information on a computer.

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Strong Passwords

Most people use a password to restrict access to their laptops, cell phones or sensitive documents contained within. However, a password is useless if it is easy to guess or isn’t strong enough to withstand a coordinated attack on whatever it is protecting. What are some ways to create strong passwords, and why is it important to change it on a regular basis?

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Year of the Cloud
Tech Company

Even if your company doesn’t make computer chips or build network servers, it may be shortsighted to think that it isn’t a tech company. At some point in the next 20 years, almost everything that you own will be connected to the internet and have the ability to communicate with objects nearby. Therefore, it is in your best interest to invest in technology and use it to help your business innovate.

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Smartphone for your Business

Most people these days prefer to have a smartphone because of all the things that it can do to make our lives easier. For instance, you can check your emails or browse Facebook while you are waiting for your flight or for an appointment to begin. However, did you also know that there are many ways in which your phone can save your company money?

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Minimizing the Damage After a Network Hack

Your network is under constant attack whether you realize it or not. If a worker brings in a device from home, it could be infected with a virus or malware that aims to penetrate your firewall and get at sensitive information. In some cases, hackers will try to get past your network defenses just because it’s fun. What are some things that you can do to minimize the damage if your network is hacked into?

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