Over the past few decades, computers have changed the world. There is not an industry operating today that has not felt the impact of the advances of technology. But what do you do when your computers fail?

Why do work computers fail?

This seems like a simple question. However, there is no simple answer. I have seen computers fail for many different reasons. Sometimes it is simple, and fixable. Once, someone brought me their laptop. They told me it died, and they wanted to know if I could get the information off of the hard drive. I told them I would take a look. As it turned out, their computer failed because their charger died. I ordered a new charger, and their computer worked fine. I owned a laptop that failed when the solder that send connects the wire to send the signal to the monitor broke. It was a simple fix.

work computers failMany times, a simple component is the problem of the computer failing. Replace the component, and everything goes back to normal. Sometimes it is the memory that fails. Your computer has 2 types of memory, RAM, and a Hard Drive. If RAM fails, it can easily be replaced. If your hard drive fails… Then you will likely loose everything on the hard drive.

What makes matters worse, is that the hard drive is the most common component to fail. So what do you do? You back everything up.

Another issue that often makes computers fail has nothing to do with the computers themselves. Weather can often be the prime culprit in computer damage. Obviously, flooding can cause water damage, and nothing electric likes water damage. Fires can also easily damage computers even if they did not burn in the fire themselves. Excessive heat can cause irreparable damage to computer systems. Power surges can also fry the wiring in sensitive electronics, and it is because of power surges that you should always have your computer systems on an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with a surge protector.

More and more these days, you will see hackers targeting small businesses. In many cases, it is these unscrupulous attacks that cause computers to fails. One of the more common tactics used by hackers is ransom ware. When your computer is attacked with ransom ware, you loose all access to your computer unless you meet the demands of the hacker. However, if you have been backing your system up, you can always revert to a back up from before your system was infected with the ransom ware.

At SJC Technology, we have both on-site and off-site solutions to back up your data and keep your company safe. We can monitor your data center and local backups as well as provide offsite storage for backing up critical files and folders. We can come up with a well planned recovery solution for your business that will minimize downtime in the event of an emergency, and get you back up and running quickly. Our back-up solution will save data locally and offsite – redundancy equals security.

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