Southeast Florida- Collier, Sarasota, Lee, Charlotte, Glades, DeSoto, Hendry and Manatee Counties- has been experiencing robust business activities since the end of the 2008 financial crisis in 2011.

Some of the most common businesses in this region are;
• Tourism and related services – hotels, holiday homes, serviced condominiums, etc.,
• Agriculture business activities in the landlocked counties of Hendry, Glades, and, DeSoto.
• Real estate businesses -Quantity Surveying, Construction Management, Interior Design, Urban Planning, Realtors, etc. – These businesses are more pronounced in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Southern Lee and Eastern Bradenton.
• Other Businesses – retail stores, auto sales and garages, malls, Insurance, Banks, transport, and communication, etc. just to mention a few.

With sustained positive growth over a period of more than seven years, businesses have to move to the next level and achieve a level of sophistication for future sustainability. IT outsourcing is one of the approaches that companies in this region can adapt to meet both short-term and long-term growth.

Some of the services that IT outsourcing can provide are;
Internal operating systems management
Cloud computing
Big data management
Analytics, consultation
Software/Applications system management

Four Main Reasons for Outsourcing IT in the Region

Outsourcing ITTo divert focus to the core business

By outsourcing IT services, activities in the region will be able to redirect their strategies and attention to the services that they are specialized. They will then be able to compete favorably against similar businesses in other regions of Florida and the US in general.
For example, a Holiday Services Provider in Cape Coral might encounter delays and breakdowns of its websites in online bookings and reservations. On outsourcing, professionals will be involved and, with their pool of expertise, the Website can always be functional as the business focuses on its core competencies in provision of Holiday services.

To Take advantage of IT innovations

For the businesses in the region to be direct beneficiaries of the latest IT technologies, they ought to outsource. It is mainly in IT services providers that the most recent technologies are created and shared. Additionally, when business in the region outsource IT services, the service providers might upgrade the IT systems to the latest at no extra cost to make their work easier and improve efficiency in their service delivery.

For example, when an Insurance business in Fort Myers outsources IT services, the service provider might upgrade the specific Insurance Integrated Management system to be more efficient, fast and easy to use.

Improve accuracy and compliance

IT systems are sophisticated to operate and maintain in the long run. For instance, productivity applications and analytics might be complicated to utilize effectively without critical competencies.
Such limitations can hamper accuracy and compromise compliance. Contracted IT firms can be able to detect the “red-alert” trends in the businesses and advice for timely mitigation.

For example, reduced activity on the websites, low production levels in employees from other departments, etc. such accuracy will allow businesses to adjust their frameworks to achieve compliance.

Save operating costs when you Outsource IT

IT systems are complicated for untrained professionals and require a large pool of experts which is unsustainable to most businesses due to budget constraints. By outsourcing IT services, businesses will phase out internal IT departments. In so doing, they will save on the costs of labor, rents, employee benefits and hardware related costs. Additionally, the cost of accelerating the optimization and adoption of digital technologies will be factored out of the budgets as the business takes advantage of outsourced IT services.

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