It is hurricane season in the North Atlantic. If you have a SWFL business that has data saved on computers that you would not be very happy about if you lose. . .  you need to come up with a SWFL business data plan for hurricane season.  

Hurricanes are not the only danger your data faces during hurricane season.  Hurricane season is also the wettest season of the year.  Flooding from excessive rain can destroy electronics.  In addition, thunder storms are prevalent this time of year whether they are part of a tropical system or not.  Lightning strikes can cause power surges, or just knock out the power at unexpected times.  And everyone knows that data can be lost if you do not properly shut down your computer.  

3 Ways To Prepare Your SWFL Business Data For Hurricane SeasonBack-up

Backing up your data is necessary for any business.  Data can be corrupted, stolen, or the machine that it is on can be damaged.  Having a back can stop disasters.  There are 2 main ways to back up your data.  You can have a local back-up or a remote back-up. 

A local back up is as simple as using an external hard drive and a back up program (like Apple’s Time Machine) to back up your data.  The benefit of this is that you have direct access to the data.  It is right there in your office.  The bad side is it is right there in your office.  If your computers are damaged by a natural disaster like a hurricane or flood. . .  your back up will be destroyed as well.  If someone breaks in and steals your equipment, they will take your back up as well. 

Remote Back up is backing up your data to a remote source.  The benefit of remote back ups is that your data is safe even if your office is not.  This system usually requires a subscription service with an off site back up provider.  

Recovery Plan

In the event of a critical failure, your business needs to be able to have access to its critical data as soon as possible so that you business can become operational as soon as possible.  The right recovery plan could be different from one company to another depending on each companies specific needs but usually includes things like: off property storage of critical files, remote monitoring and regularly scheduled back ups as well as having a company you trust .

Move Your Data To The Cloud

If you really want to safeguard your data from the weather as well as other threats, you can move your data to the cloud.  Using a service like SJC Sync not only saves your data in the case of a hurricane, it also increases productivity by syncing your data between multiple devices and giving you and your staff access to it anywhere at any time while still keeping security a top priority.  

SWFL is a great place to live and a great place to do business.  However, we do have some severe weather that can play havoc on your devices.  Be prepared and have a plane.  Then you will always know that you SWFL business data is safe for hurricane season.

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