Over the last several decades, the number of technical assets a modern company needs has multiplied several times over. With all these devices, applications, online platforms, and services to keep track of, it’s no wonder hackers are having a field day. Even the most talented and capable sysadmin in the world can’t personally keep track of every single technical asset in a company.

Luckily, there is one service that can help your IT staff more than almost any other called network monitoring. The concept of network monitoring is simple enough. Essentially it can serve as the eyes and years of your sysadmins. Continue reading for a list of four reasons your Southwest Florida business needs network marketing.

4 Reasons Your Southwest Florida Business Needs Network MonitoringImmediately Detecting Problems

The first and most obviously useful application of network monitoring is the ability to detect issues the moment they occur. Network monitoring can eliminate the problem of undetected errors because the monitoring software can be configured to send an admin an alert the moment an error occurs. This gives your team the best possible chance of locating, troubleshooting, and solving the issue immediately, and hopefully long before a customer or client has a chance to encounter it.

Predicts Future Issues

Another great use of network monitoring is the ability to see patterns in the data and predict future problematic behavior. If, for instance, if a particular program is for some reason taking more resources every time it runs, this could be a sign of a leaky piece of code, excessive logging, or a large cache that isn’t clearing itself. Network monitoring can identify this kind of behavior allowing your technicians to investigate and solve before the growing program can crash a server by demanding too many resources at some point in the future.

Regulation Compliance

Almost every existing industry has a set of data privacy regulations to worry about. Healthcare professionals need to worry about HIPAA, European and international businesses need to worry about the GDPR, and merchants of any stripe who process credit or debit cards (ie: everyone) should be concerned with achieving and maintaining the PCI-compliance standards. While network monitoring does not actively close any security holes, it can be configured to tell you exactly when, where, and how any data on your network is accessed, referenced, or transmitted. If your goal is to keep client and company data safe from intrusion and prying eyes, network monitoring can even give you a heads-up any time someone tries to access the portion of your network where sensitive data is encrypted and stored.

Company Expansion

Finally, network monitoring can help you plan for an expansion. Whether you’re adding a few new servers or an entirely new office location, network monitoring can tell you where the network infrastructure stands now and how to expand to get the best possible performance from the newer, bigger network. It can reveal where you need more resources, give you a baseline on how to double what you already have, and even show a few vulnerabilities that could be closed and improved during the expansion process.

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