Repair or replace anything is usually a costly yet essential question that most companies find themselves asking. It would not make sense to use almost half the money you initially spent on installing a network to replace it, without any guarantee it will be worth. It is for this reason that most companies seek to outsource the IT services altogether. It sounds easy right! It is, but numerous risks come with having a third party provider. Hence, SJC Technology Inc offers solutions convenient to our clients.

old office networkDirect Control

The first is making sure you are working with the right service provider that is properly vetted and is well equipped to handle the security, resources and the strategic planning your company needs. That is why SJC Technology Inc. is the perfect company to manage your IT services. Founded in 2009, we have had years of experience. The primary focus is always to put technology within the clients’ control. This is as opposed to other third-party providers who deny their client direct control of the IT and the location of their data center.

Low Maintenance Expenditure

Outsourcing is cheaper and convenient when working with SJC Technology Inc. because they will maintain your old Network regularly at an affordable monthly cost. This cost will include monitoring of your old office Network and resolve network issues. Below are some advantages of outsourcing with SJC Technology Inc.

• Data Recovery: SJC Is well equipped to deal with data recovery and get the IT systems up and running in real time due to our workable plans and routine checks on data recovery. We also have state of the art hardware architecture and critical information backup

• Saves on Costs Effectively: This includes maintenance costs, labor costs, and equipment costs. With outsourcing, you will get all the above in one package and at a significantly lower cost. It will also save money because there will be no need to replace the Old office Network.

• Quality and Experience: Just like in medicine, IT faces recurrent problems, and this is where experience will beat qualification any time. Our Experts at SJC are qualified and experienced too. They are therefore the right people to trust with your sensitive company data.

• Increases Competitiveness and Efficiency: Outsourcing reduces the time for hiring qualified IT staff as well as installation and maintenance. These give the company time to increase productivity, develop as a business and improve competitiveness.

• Ability to Quickly Implement New Technology; which would otherwise take months or weeks to find a team, train them and provide support to the internal team. SJC would bring years of experience in repairing and upgrading the Old Office Network and save time and money in the process.

• Manage and Reduce risk for your company: With the experience, they bring to the table, SJC Technology Inc. is better positioned to identify and decide how to avoid IT-related risks. We will determine the risk and manage it for you. It includes updating your firewall, installing a DMZ and audit workstations and servers to ensure all security risks are eliminated.

•They give a level competitive ground for smaller companies who cannot afford the services and in-house support that big firms enjoy by providing similar services and Technology.

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