Hurricane season starts June 1st, and US forecasters are saying that it could be worse then normal.  This isn’t great news for southwest Florida.  Many people are still recovering from hurricane Irma that hit us last September.  With the season off to an early start with Alberto sweeping through the are before the official start of the season, it is time to start getting prepared for disaster.  

The Hurricane Threat

Protecting Your Data During the SWFL Hurricane SeasonToday, many businesses in Southwest Florida rely on their computers, and computer networks for everything from day to day operations to long term data storage.  Hurricanes put these vitals tools at risk from lightning storms, power surges, floods, intrusions, and extended power outages.  Any one of these storm related events can cause irreparable issues with your computers.  But you can be prepared to overcome these problems. 


The first thing everyone should do is back up their important data.  At home, this may be as simple as having an external hard drive that you copy everything to, and then keep that drive unplugged and in a safe, dry place.  However, when talking about your business data, or your entire network, it may be better to have a professional set up a system that will automatically back up your data to an off site server.  

Moving Your Data To The Cloud

A step up from simply backing up your data would be to migrate your data to a cloud server.  There are several benefits to moving your data to the cloud.  Foremost is the ability to have access to that data from anywhere on any device.  Even if the power is out.  That is a great benefit when you are just doing your day to day business, but it is even better when a storm hits.  When the power is out, you can still use your cellular network to access your data, and even if your equipment gets destroyed by the storm, your data is safe. 

Disaster Recovery

Of course, not all of us will be proactive when it comes to safe guarding our data.  We are generally optimists, and tend to feel “that won’t happen to me”.  So what do you do when it does happen to you?  Well, luckily there is SJC Technology.  They are experts in disaster recovery and, in most cases, can retrieve data from a hard drive that is no longer working.  This works not only for hard drives that have sustained storm damage (water damage, or damage from a power surge), SJC Technology is also able to retrieve data from a hard drive that just simply crashed.  

So if you have a business in Southwest Florida that relies on computers, you need to contact SJC Technology to help you prepare for the SWFL Hurricane season.  And if you have a business in Southwest Florida that doesn’t use computers, contact SJC Technology and let them show you how new technology can help your business excel today and into the future.  

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