The incidents of natural disasters every year remind us of the vulnerability of our businesses or personal records to monumental data loss. Natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, and fires can strike unexpectedly and destroy all data especially in places like Southwest Florida. Data-driven businesses ought to ensure that they have a data recovery plan before the disaster strikes so that they can resume their business operations with ease. Storing backups online in cloud storage systems is a prudent way of providing additional protection. By storing data in the cloud, businesses can provide excellent protection for their data. Still, a pertinent question that most business managers grapple with is how can their business enterprises benefit from migrating their workloads to the cloud. Well, there is a lot to love about moving to cloud infrastructure. It offers greater flexibility, lowers overhead operations, and infrastructure cost. Much more, with the availability of the private and hybrid cloud options that provide control and transparency to an organization, there is no reason to fear cloud computing anymore.

Benefits Of Moving Your Business To The Cloud

The benefits of cloud computing in the current business world cannot be overemphasized. It is clear that business enterprises are continuing to move their workloads and applications to the cloud. This is mainly so because they have appreciated the fact that in the event of a natural disaster, they don’t have to worry about losing volumes of data worth millions of dollars.

1.Faster communication

The speed at which information is disseminated in the cloud is a major advantage. For instance, about 60% of the cloud-based enterprises are more likely to be satisfied with the speed of information dissemination than non-cloud-based companies. This is according to a report entitled “Cloud Analytics for the Larger Enterprise” released in June 2014 by the Aberdeen Group.

moving your business to the cloud2.Seamless working with your employees

If your business mainly communicates via emails, you are sentient about the drawbacks. Managing workflows and tracking approvals is time-consuming. Software-as-a-Service-based tools alleviate such kind of headaches so that your employees can work together more efficiently. It embodies features such as document sharing, and real-time editing makes working in a team seamless. Many people can work simultaneously on a single document without the need of maintaining multiple copies. As a result, whenever a person makes any changes to the document, they become instantly visible to everyone else.

3.Data is more secure

Prevention of data loss is important to both small and big businesses, in which case data loss can mean you are out of business pretty fast. For this reason, cloud-based services are indispensable. The company’s data are automatically backed up to a site where the files are protected in case the primary systems of the business suffer a power outage, gross human error, and natural catastrophe.


You may be wondering how your business can migrate from the traditional way of backing up your data to the cloud system. Just give SJC-Technology a call. Our team of experts can provide you with services that are scalable to your company’s needs at lower cost.

The bottom line is that cloud-based services are indispensable in this day and era and the benefits of migrating to the cloud are indisputable. Therefore, your business can escape the fierce wrath of the Southwest Florida natural disasters.

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