Storing your data on a privately controlled datacenter may seem like the best and most logical solution, especially in comparison to a cloud. However, there is a vast range of security features you may be missing out on by storing information on a privately controlled datacenter.

A cloud service like Microsoft Office 365 provides you with more security on your on-premises server. It also has the potential to be a better service than the one you currently use.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365

How Microsoft Office 365 Is More Secure Then Your Current Solution is an array of benefits you can gain from switching to a cloud powered by Microsoft Office 365, especially when managed by a company like SJC Technologies. We have worked extensively with cloud services and found that Microsoft Office 365 provides several benefits over other cloud services and privately controlled datacenters.

  1. Better Transparency – Microsoft is a large organization that caters to a large audience. This is no different for its Office 365 cloud server, where clients range from small business owners to Fortune 500 businesses. A large business must be more transparent with a large audience, forcing Microsoft to give customers access to control how Microsoft support engineer accesses its data. This prevents any security breaches.
  2. Upgraded Anomaly Detection – Office 365 promotes uniformity and simplicity with its design that help consolidate how your servers are detected and how protection and response times are easily initiated.
  3. Easy Automation – Servers often manage multiple things from operating system to patches needed. While our IT administration can easily do this, Office 365 makes it easier by forcing automations for these types of processes, making the job more efficient and void of human error.
  4. Better Threat Intelligence Detection – When a server is attacked, it often leaves you and your data in pieces. Recovering from this attack can take a while, which is why it is necessary to setup a way to prevent subsequent attacks from the same hacker. Microsoft Office 365 scopes the threat and prevents it from functionally inoculating anyone else again from within the organization, including your business.
  5. Constant Innovation — In technology, it’s necessary to have a company that understands innovation. Technology is constantly adapting, as are the threats to your cloud. Microsoft is a large, well-known company that constantly innovates itself. This gives you security in knowing that you are always protected from the latest threats on the internet.

SJC Technology Offers You Help with Setup and Management

SJC Technology knows how Microsoft Office 365 works and help you with setting it up promptly. The IT Technicians work hard to help assist you with any questions and will ensure that your data is securely uploaded onto the Microsoft Office 365 cloud driver.

We also help with managing it and will help back up your system. We monitor every single threat and notify you as often as needed to help ensure that you get the updates you need about your cloud server.

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