Microsoft Office has been a staple of the business world for decades now. Not many businesses can go very long without using Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Outlook. But Microsoft Office 365 is a new way to use these essential business tools. Is it worth it to make the switch? Or is it best to just continue to use the same old version we have always used?

Microsoft Office 365 Follows You

In the past, Microsoft Office came with a user key that you entered when you installed Office on your workstation. This allowed you to use office on that workstation. Essentially, Microsoft Office was licensed to a workstation. Microsoft Office 365 is licensed to you, not to a specific workstation. That means you can access your Office 365 account from a PC, a Mac, a tablet, and a smartphone. Wherever you are, you can log into your Microsoft Office 365 account.

It Is In The Cloud

3 Ways Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Your SWFL BusinessMicrosoft Office 365 is a cloud service (although it also has the flexibility of integrating with your company’s On-Premises solutions if you need it to). This gives you 2 amazing advantages: it is maintenance free, and it is always available.

Having Office in the cloud means that it is not on your local servers. You no longer have to worry about problems with your servers taking down your access to office. You don’t have to worry about a hard drive failing and your data being lost, and with Office 365 Trust Center, you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen. 

You also don’t have to worry about upgrades as they are pushed from Microsoft immediately. You will always be running the latest version with the newest features.

The other advantage that Office 365 gives you by being in the cloud is you will always have access to your data and files. Whether you are sitting at your desk, in the Dentist’s office waiting room, or on a first class cabin on your way to a business meeting in Duluth. Your data is stored in the cloud, so you have full access to them from any place on any device. 

In SWFL, we are no strangers to power outages. But with Office 365, if your power goes out at work, you can still get out your tablet, smartphone, or laptop and have full access to your data on the cloud. Don’t let a thunderstorm keep you from getting the job done!

It Is Easy

Let’s face it, by this point everyone has used Microsoft Office at some point in there lives. It is easy to use, and most people already know how to use it. Microsoft makes migrating your data to Office 365 easy, and since Office 365 is constantly being improved and updated server side, you will not need to ever migrate to a new version.

Microsoft has also added many components to Office 365 that will make using it, and working in general, easier and more easily managed. From Yammer to Delve to many other apps, Microsoft is committed to making Office 365 the tool for businesses. And whenever improvements are made, Microsoft updates on their end, and you have the latest version on your end. No downtime, No installations. 

If you are thinking of making the switch to Microsoft Office 365 in Southwest Florida, call the experts at SJC Technology. We will manage your Office 365 service by correctly installing and setting up the software to fit your organization’s needs and providing technical support to properly maintain the service. Our highly-qualified team of experts has developed best practices that are designed to keep your technology running smoothly 24/7.

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