In recent years, cybersecurity has become a growing need for businesses all over the world. Of course, most people think that hackers target multi-international and large businesses. Even though they are not entirely wrong, they are still not correct.

Currently, cybercriminals have realized it is easier to get away with crimes involving small SWFL small businesses, because the aforementioned organizations do not have complicated IT infrastructure in place.

By the year 2021, hacking will be costing small businesses owners over $6 trillion annually across the world. Therefore, if you are an SWFL Small business owner, here is what you need to know.

How can hackers gain access to your small business?

SWFL small business are targets for hackers main objective of hackers is to retrieve valuable information from your computer or network, which can be later used for their own personal gain. Below are some of the techniques hackers use:

  • Phishing– Here hackers masquerade as legitimate accounts owners and steal your personal information like passwords and bank accounts details.
  • Insecure networks– Connecting your work computer to the free Wi-Fi at your coffee shop is not always ideal since it leaves your system vulnerable to malicious users sharing the same network
  • Ransomware– This is a malicious software created by hackers that manipulate your system and helps them access sensitive information.
  • Social engineering– Here the hackers use employees or people involved with your business to gain access to your systems. For instance, an employee planted the Stuxnet Worm used to derail the Iranian nuclear program.

Reasons why hackers like to target small businesses.

  • Small businesses are more exposed.
  • Small businesses have sensitive data.
  • Small businesses are gateways to larger ones especially for beginners in hacking

How do you make your business secure?

As we mentioned earlier, many SWFL business owners, think that their systems are not a target of cybercriminals. This concept is wrong since hacking large corporation poses great challenges; they are switching to SWFL small businesses.

Notably, In-house solution and hiring a permanent IT team is not effective and it is very costly. Additionally, permanent IT employees can easily be comprised like in the instance of Stuxnet worm. Below are some reasons you should outsource IT services for your SWFL small business

  • Offer better security
  • Cost effective than hiring permanent IT employees
  • Helps you focus on business

SJC Solutions the Perfect IT Partner

Are you living in Southwest Florida, own an SWFL small business, and wish to outsource your IT services? Worry no more because at SJC Solutions we provide IT services at a reasonable cost. Our well-qualified and experienced team of professionals will provide a private eye to help keep your system safe from hackers not to mention they will upgrade them to the latest technology available in the market. Some of the services that we offer at SJC solutions include

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Systems Upgrade
  • Network Monitoring
  • Cloud Computing
  • System maintenance and repairs
  • Storage
  • VoIP Phone

Our unparalleled commitment to your organization ensuring your networks are running at all times will help increase the productivity of your business and save you the costs associated with systems downtime. At SJC Solutions, we provide an easy way to store and synchronize crucial data across different platforms not to mention we are very effective in data backup and disaster recovery.

Cheap is always expensive. You might think that you will save a lot of money by embracing in-house solutions in your SWFL business, but wait until your system is breached, then you realize how detrimental hacking can be to your organization. Do not wait to learn from experience. Therefore, if you are in Southwest Florida and own an SWFL small business just call SJC Solutions (239.324.9039) and let us manage your IT systems.

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