Disaster recovery plan is usually a documented set up of procedures to help a Business person protect and recover a Business Information Technology infrastructure in the event a Disaster occurs. This plan normally documented in written form, specifies the procedures an organization is to follow in an event of a disaster.

With a business in Southwest Florida, you require this statement of consistent actions as it will assist you in recovering and protecting your business data before, during and after a disaster which its cause could be environmental, natural, or man-made such as terrorism and accidents.

Why a Data Backup and Recovery Plan is Essential in Southwest Florida

Businesses in Southwest Florida are digitally active and therefore the last thing one would want is to lose data of his business be it by human error, natural attacks or at the hands of cyber attack because it is costly and extremely risky. Both backup solutions and disaster recovery helps in ensuring uptime during natural disasters which are common in Southwest Florida, reducing data loss and maximize productivity of the business. The following are importance of business data back up:

Data Helps You Solve Problems

When you review or track data from business processes, this helps you identify the performance breakdowns so that you can understand better which steps need to be optimized, which are performing well and understand each part of the process. A good example is that of a coach in a sports team. He must review and track his players’ performance for him to make progress.

Make A Disaster Recovery Plan For your Southwest Florida Businesshttps://sjctech.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/southwest-florida-business-disaster-recovery-plan.jpgData Helps You Understand Consumers and the Market

With business data you can know how much money you are making or spending, your actual customers, if consumers like your products or if your marketing efforts are effective. With this, it means that business data is the KEY to understand your Market and Customers.

Data Helps You Make Better Decisions

Business data not only helps in making decision but also determines how powerful it would be to make decisions backed by the real information and facts about company performance. it also helps influence the decision you make, whether you can rely on what you read or see in the news or do you follow your gut. This therefore is a profit increasing power that you cannot afford to miss.

Data Helps You Monitor and Evaluate Performance

Your business data helps you see performance of the business for example you can see whether you spending more money than you bringing or if you are not sure about your marketing performance of employees, you are able to know if your money is being put to good use.

The Disasters on the Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida Business is vulnerable to a Disaster Recovery Plan because of the climatic crisis in Florida that defies expectations and turns ruinous. For instance, we have:

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Florida has recently been receiving very powerful hurricanes and Tropical storms. This has been because of sea surface temperatures becoming warmer resulting to very intense hurricane. This therefore means that if you own a business in Southwest Florida you automatically require a Disaster recovery plan.

Sea-Level Rise

From a headline by Miami herald this summer says it all that Florida has more to lose with sea rise than anywhere in the US. As a business person in Southwest Florida a Disaster Recovery Plan is required.

Extreme Heat

Florida is getting hotter everyday with the number of days of truly extreme heat set to increase exponentially hence giving Southwest Florida business persons a perfect reason to enroll to a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Get Started Now

SJC Technology is a local Southwest Florida company that provides cloud computing, managed Information Technology solutions, Network Monitoring, VOIP, disaster recovery and Backups. We are helping in business evolution to the cloud and making sure that you are ready for whatever Southwest Florida can throw at your business. Our systems will not only make your business more productive but also more profitable and secure. We can be reached via phone or their website to help you figure out the best solution for your Business in Southwest Florida. For any inquiries or questions, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to serve you.

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