As a digitally active business, the last thing you want is to lose data. Whether it’s at the hand of cyber attack, human error, or natural disaster, data loss is extremely risky and costly. That explains why your business requires a backup as well as a disaster recovery solution. The combination of disaster recovery and data backup solutions helps to maximize productivity, diminish data loss, and ensure uptime in the midst of natural disasters (which are very common in Florida), attacks, or other compromising situations.

Data Backup and Recovery in Southwest Florida to Security Week’s research, the volume of data loss at an enterprise level has escalated to over 400% in the past several years. Unfortunately, the trend doesn’t appear to slow down anytime soon. Presently, with the upsurge of big data, BYOD policies at the workplace, and cloud computing, it’s turning out to be challenging for business enterprises to protect their data. Evidently, everything seems to point to why businesses need a data backup and recovery plan.

The following are some of the reasons why a data backup and recovery plan is essential in Southwest Florida:

#1: Protects against the effects of natural disasters

Whether it’s a blizzard, hurricane, earthquake, flood, or any other extreme natural disaster, a variety of uncontrollable circumstances can cause a business to experience downtime. The National Archives and Records Administration opines that over 90% of firms that experience around 7 days of downtime shut down business operations within a year. While having a plan won’t prevent natural disasters from taking place, it’ll be handy at not only protecting your data but also making sure that data center downtime doesn’t harm your company.

#2: Protects your valuable information

Just imagine for a minute you lose irreplaceable data! How would your clients feel? Such a situation is embarrassing. It can ruin your hard-earned reputation big time. Loss of data can leave your clients not only nervous but also irritated, perhaps even annoyed to cancel business with you. Losing data affects the way clients view you. They feel as though you’re incapable of protecting their data. To avoid this embarrassing and unprofessional situation, it’s prudent have a data backup and recovery plan.

#3: Reduces the chances of cyber attacks

As more data is moved online, cyber criminals escalate their efforts and focus on enterprises they believe are unprotected. In most instances, it means many businesses, especially the small ones become vulnerable. By having a plan in place, businesses can be able to reduce the impact of attacks. It goes miles to prevent companies from losing their valuable data.

#4: Protects client data

Businesses store plenty of valuable customer data. As such, companies can’t afford to lose such confidential data. Additionally, they can’t let it slip to get into the wrong hands. By setting up an effective plan, you’ll be able to properly control and store your data. Consequently, damaging your brand reputation is the last thing you’ll have to be worried about.

Final Thoughts

If you desire to not only grow your business but also increase efficiency, you must have a data backup and recovery plan. When was the last thing you reviewed your data backup system? Have you ascertained whether it’s the right one for the company of late? Having an effective data backup and recovery plan is highly important for business in Southwest Florida. The above are some of the reasons you need to have a plan in place.

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