Things used to be so much easier, right? You had a cash register, a calculator, and a typewriter to do business. What else did you need. Then came the computer. In all honesty, computers have made things easier, and they do so much more then we used to be able to do without them. That doesn’t stop them from being a bit of a pain though. Especially when you have a good sized computer network at your business to deal with. That is why smart business owners contract Network Monitoring to qualified vendors. Here are some other reasons you should consider calling SJC Technology to actively monitor your network.

Troubleshoot issues more easily

Outsourcing your network monitoring gives your SWFL business 24/7 access to highly trained IT professionals who monitor your network, detect problems and fix them. In many cases, this is done before you even know there is a problem. Network monitoring allows these professionals to see every device on your network, and the connections between them. They can monitor availability, packet loss, response time, traffic, error rates and more. This allows them to detect problems in your system before the cause an interruption.

Your SWFL Business needs Network MonitoringImprove network security

The average cost of a data breach, according to IBM’s 2016 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study, is around $4 million. Recent reports state that over 50% of US businesses have suffered some sort of intrusion attempt in the past year. You may think your business is not a target for hackers, but many hackers target small businesses under the premise that they are likely not equipped to handle a security breach. Professional network monitoring don’t just keep an eye out for hardware and software issues, it also monitors the source and nature of all traffic to your network. By monitoring this traffic, it becomes easy to spot suspicious changes to inbound and outbound traffic and allows you to quickly nullify malicious activity. In addition, network monitoring allows you to see and patch the holes in your networks security to prevent future intrusion attempts.

Improve the bottom line

Let’s face it, network downtime affects your bottom line. Not only does it affect your companies reputation in the marketplace, and client satisfaction, but it also affects the productivity levels of your staff. If your network is working at optimal performance levels, your staff can get more done in less time. This saves you money as well as increasing customer satisfaction which earns you money.

Let’s face it, outsourcing your network monitoring will have a positive impact on your financial situation.

Plan for future growth 

It isn’t always easy for us to predict when and how our business will grow, although we do know it will grow. Proper network monitoring allows you to see the increase loads on certain systems as well as increased traffic. This allows you to better judge the growth needs of your business, and allows you to implement the needed changes to ensure that you can properly cope with that growth.

In simple terms, Hiring professional Network Monitoring from SJC Technology is about making sure your business is able to run smoothly, and grow even more smoothly. Give SJC Technology a call today and we can talk about your needs and come up with a plan that fits those needs and your budget.

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