I think we are all tired of hearing about clouds. Especially those big ones that spin around in a circle and have an eye. But unfortunately, hurricanes are a part of life in southwest Florida, and events like Hurricane Irma are a strong reminder of why you need to move your business data to the cloud.

Now I say “strong reminder” because the hurricane itself isn’t the threat to your business data. If that was the case, then we wouldn’t be overly worried. I mean hurricane Irma was bad, but that was the first bad hit we have had since Charley 10 years ago. If we only had to worry about a bad storm every decade or so, then maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal. But then again, we did get 18 inches of rain and major flooding just a few weeks before Hurricane Irma, and that wasn’t even a tropical storm. That was just a bad summer storm.

The truth of the matter is that your computer systems have a few major weaknesses.

southwest Florida business data should be in the cloudElectricity

Your office computers run on electricity. When the power goes out, your machines turn off. And if the power is off for weeks, it becomes difficult to do your job. But it isn’t just power outages you need to worry about. Your computers circuit boards are made up of thousands of small leads that can easily break if too much power goes through them. Power surges from lightning can destroy your machines and cause major problems with your operations.

I’m sure you are well aware that it doesn’t take a hurricane to cause power outages, or to bring lightning. Thunderstorms can be a daily occurrence during some parts of the year, and power outages are all to common in southwest Florida.

Moving your data to the cloud allows you to make sure your data is available to you at all times. Whether the power is on at your office or not. Data in the cloud is backed up, and always available.


Nothing electrical likes water. Yet in southwest Florida, we have water all around us. And whether it is a hurricane, or just a strong storm, flooding can happen anytime. If your office computers suffer water damage, you can loose everything. Just a little bit of water can wreck a computer, so imagine what the type of flooding we have seen in the past couple months can do. Moving your data to the cloud is a great way to protect your sensitive information from the elements, and will allow you to continue to access your data even if your office looks more like a swimming pool.


Computers generate a lot of heat, but they don’t like heat that much. And in southwest Florida, we have a lot of heat… heat, and humidity (moisture). That is a combination computers really don’t like. Even if you have a back up generator to keep your office computers running during power outages, if your air conditioner isn’t running as well, you will likely have overheating problems. Even if there is no storm or power outage, if your air conditioner goes out, your computers will have problems. Like many people in southwest Florida, computers are not very reliable when the AC doesn’t work.

Your Business Data Needs To Be In The Cloud

The bottom line is your data is too valuable to leave to the southwest Florida weather. Moving your data to the cloud not only safe guards it from heat, rain and lightning, it also gives you access to the data from anywhere and any device. Even if you evacuate for the storm, you can still access your data from the cloud. That let’s you continue to do business in any circumstances. Contact SJC Technology today and we can help you move your business data to the cloud.

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